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"Words wander aimlessly across the page until they get to the point." 
                                                                                             - Denise Cassino
Short Stories and Articles:​

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10.  How-to Article, "Resurrecting Wicker Furniture," published in the June 2003 issue of Garden and Hearth
11.  Short Story, "Child's Play," published in the August, 2003 issue of the international print publication, PASSION, an Anthology of the World's Greatest Short Stories  
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13.  A poem, “The Woodland Ball,” published in the July 2003 issue of Long Story Short, an ezine 
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19.  Short story, “A Fitzgerald Family Christmas”  published in the Christmas, 2003 issue of “Reminisce EXTRA                    Magazine” a print publication. 
20.  Short story, “European Vacation” published as Story of the Month in the September 2003 issue of Long Story                Short, an ezine   
21.  Flash Fiction, “Stunned” published in the September 2003 issue of Long Story Short, an ezine 
22.  Essay, "Eyewitness," published in the November, 2003 issue of AboutTeens, an ezine 
23.  Short Story, "Daddy's Diary,"  published in the January, 2004 issue of Apollo's Lyre, an ezine. 
24.  A poem, "Heartache," published in the January, 2004 issue of Tapestry, an ezine 
25.  Short Story, "The Birth of Freedom," published in December, 2003 in a print anthology, Taj Mahal Review. 
26.  Short Story, "A Material Girl," published in August, 2003 in a print anthology, The Color Gallery. 
27.  An article, "The Lady Woodcutter" in Cottage Magazine, a print magazine published October, 2004. 
28.  Travel article, "European Vacation" published in Hostelworld.com inn December, 2004. 
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Denise Cassino
Paris Book Festival - Winner * The Beach Book Festival - Winner * The New York Book Festival - Winner * The San Francisco Book Festival – Runner Up * American Book Festival Finalist * Global Book Awards - Finalist * Los Angeles Book Fest- Honorable Mention * he London Book Festival - Honorable Mention 

We all know a Bobby Truax. A hard-drinking, pot-smoking guy who never fails to entertain. He lives alone in a remote spot in Colorado and prays for a UFO abduction, even trying to lure them in with lights and lasers. He’s lost his wife to divorce and his son to a gun accident. A disgruntled Vietnam veteran, he has had just about enough of the IRS. They already closed his business and confiscated all his equipment, but they still want more. When an IRS revenue agent trespasses on his mountain property, he loses it, and all hell breaks loose. A fast-paced thriller that will keep you turning pages into the night.
Literary Titan 5-Star Review!

Bobby Truax is a mystery to many - His neighbors believe him to be a violent and strange man, holding him culpable for the unfortunate death of his son, soon after which his wife divorced him. But there is more to Bobby than meets the eye. Far from ideal, Bobby succumbs to isolation in a small abode in Colorado, where he indulges in heavy drinking and smoking pot to mitigate his pain. As a man without fear, reverence, or hope, Bobby is boiling with vexation when an IRS agent trespasses his property - a site where even angels fear to tread. Bobby then decides to take charge, believing he has had enough of them. Soon after, Bobby's assertive demeanor leads him to more trouble than he had bargained for.

Author Denise Cassino paints the veteran's life with alluring melancholy; her engaging storytelling explores all the intricacies of the characters, making one dwell on the sentiments as they gradually grasp the plot. A vivid depiction of details that make one clench their jaw highlights the deep sense of moral responsibility with the duplicity of choices that manipulate the circumstances. This thought-provoking book is powerful with excellent character building while quintessentially reflecting the raw sentiments of a former veteran to highlight his endurance against shortcomings.

The reader will find themselves grieving with the protagonist's dampened hope while contemplating his fate as an individual who has been inconvenienced. This fast-paced thriller emphasizes realism rather than conventional ideologies, so it is an excellent read for those engrossed in perceiving the character's moral sense. I would recommend this story as it is intriguing, heartbreaking, and prompts the reader to turn the next page for its riveting momentum.