What inspires a writer?  
What makes those words pour onto the page?

Why do I write? I write because I love words. I love our language. I love the amazing images created from mere black ink on white paper. I have loved words all of my life. I started reading avidly as a child utterly consumed by worlds and characters I would never see or meet but finally grew to know intimately. I fell in love with Rhett Butler. I discovered the Hidden Staircase with Nancy Drew and George and Bess. I am fascinated and awed by writers like Pat Conroy whose words make you smell the sea salt and taste the boiling shrimp; writers who can evoke images and emotions so profound and powerful that they linger in one’s mind forever. I love the characters that tug at you to return to them, to pick up the book and enter their realm again. I love that I yearn for those characters and places long after we’ve parted, as though homesick, wishing I could have just a few more moments with them. I love all that I learn from reading, the historical characters and events that I now know so well. I want to be able to give back what I have loved getting from others throughout my life – the joys of reading and writing. 
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"Words wander aimlessly across the page until they get to the point." 
                                                                                             - Denise Cassino
Moondance by 
Robin Fitzgerald Charlsen
(Denise's Sister)
Denise Cassino