Denise Cassino, née Denise Fitzgerald, is a baby-boomer from suburban Chicago. After earning a B.A. degree in English at Northern Illinois University, she moved to Denver. Denise, always a lover of the written word, began writing years ago but is now finding her work published in online and print publications such as Tapestry, National Association of Women Writers, AboutTeens, Apollo's Lyre, Ten Thousand Monkeys, Hackwriters, Garden and Hearth, Cottage Magazine,  Long Story Short, Hostel World and Reminisce Extra Magazine; and in four print anthologies, The Color Gallery, Passion and  Taj Mahal Review and has several novels in the works, having recently completed her first.  

Denise is an Internet Marketing Specialist having launched hundreds of authors to #1 Bestseller status on 
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"Words wander aimlessly across the page until they get to the point." 
                                                                                             - Denise Cassino
Moondance by 
Robin Fitzgerald Charlsen
(Denise's Sister)
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